May 2022

When Should You Mulch?

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Mulch is a material that is spread on the ground or around or over the plant which: insulates or enriches the soil without allowing it to decay to conserve moisture to improve the fertility and health of the soil to enhance the visual appeal of the area

Garden Mulch

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Garden mulch can be a gardener’s best friend. Made from either organic or inorganic material, mulch insulates roots, retains moisture, reduces disease risk and helps prevent weed growth. Mulch also makes gardens look neat and finished. Used properly, mulch will cut back on water needed to maintain the garden by retaining soil moisture. When soil

Mulch Columbus Ohio

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Mulch Columbus, Ohio – Spring is quickly approaching, which means it is almost gardening season. At Jones Topsoil we are excited about this years spring season and hope that we can help all you gardeners out there. For all your gardening needs you can always give us a call at 614.443.4611. About Jones Topsoil Columbus Ohio


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