Delivery Policy

When you place an order with us, we will make every effort to make sure you get the correct material, delivered at the right time, and at the correct place. That being said, there are certain limitations.

  • Only some of our products can be delivered by our Slinger trucks for an additional charge of $125 per delivery. The slinger trucks can deliver Soil Plus, Sand, Gravel and limestone, except # 2 grade, directly on your bed or landscape area and save you the cost and effort of manual spreading, if we can get the back of the slinger truck within 30 feet of those areas. You must request this at the time you place your order and the fee will be included in your delivery cost at checkout. Otherwise your delivery will be by dump truck. Regular Topsoil, Mulch and #2 limestone will always be delivered by dump trucks.

Products that can be delivered by Slinger Trucks ($125 extra per delivery)
  • Soil Plus and Pulverized Soil
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • All Limestone except #2
Products that cannot be delivered by Slinger Trucks
  • #2 Limestone
  • Mulch
  • Regular Topsoil
  • We always strive to be as timely as possible, but there are times when even the best plans laid out by our fabulous dispatchers get delayed. There are traffic delays, weather delays, equipment problems, and a host of other obstacles that sometimes cause us to not meet the required delivery time. Because of this we are not responsible for late or rescheduled deliveries causing any rising labor or other material costs. We will always try to keep the customer aware of delays and problems

  • We require that someone be at the delivery location when we make the delivery. We can always call when we are on the way if that would make it easier for you. We need someone there to sign a property release for the truck to come on to the property and to direct where that material is to be delivered.

  • We will try our best to get the material where you need it, but our trucks can weigh up to 80,000lbs! The weight of the trucks can cause cracks in driveways, sidewalks, and curbs. They can also crack or break water lines, gas lines, sprinkler systems and cause damage to septic systems. Soft ground is another problem for these trucks. They can cause ruts and tear up grass, shrubs, or possibly even get stuck.

  • Most of our trucks are quite large as well, which also means they are not the most maneuverable pieces of equipment. The driver will always work with the customer to determine the safest, and most convenient place to unload the material.

  • Tailgating- sometimes when delivering gravel it is possible to dump the gravel out as we drive along. Under perfect conditions, it works fabulously. There can be no trees or wires over the area where you would like the material. During periods of cold temperatures, the material tends to freeze together and makes tailgating impossible. It also possible, though not common, to have some sort of equipment failure during tailgating and the whole load is dumped in a pile. We do not charge extra for tailgating, but we also do not guarantee the results. We are a material delivery service, not a grading contractor or excavator.

  • We will strive to get you the correct type and quantity of material for your particular job. We have been in this business for over 100 years, and know the most commonly used types of material for each job. We are limited, however to your measurements and whatever information you give us. Unfortunately, every job is different and may have special situations. As stated above, we are only a material delivery service.

  • Unfortunately, Mother Nature sometimes has different plans than we do. When it is raining, snowing, or freezing we may not have our pulverized or regular topsoil available. We blend and store our Soil+ topsoil under cover in our yard and can deliver that material at any time. We can also deliver our mulch, gravel and sand in any weather condition. We do understand however, that you may not want the material in inclement weather. If this is the case, please just give us a call at least one hour before your scheduled delivery time and we would be happy to reschedule your delivery. Remember, that since we serve a large delivery area, just because it is raining or dry at your house, the weather here in the south end of Columbus may be different.