Return Policy

Jones Topsoil will attempt to deliver exactly what you have requested. At times, what we bring out may not meet your expectations. You should always look at the product at the time of delivery, and approve or disapprove at that time. This can be done by having the driver dump or sling a small amount for your approval, prior to un-loading the entire truckload. If it does not meet your expectations you should refuse the delivery at that time. We will return the load, and not charge you for it.

Once the load is off the truck, there is no way to for us to put it back on the truck. This is one reason why we must have an adult at the delivery location at the time of delivery. After the load is dumped or slung, we cannot offer a refund.

If you have the ability to re-load and return the product to us, we will allow that for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery, for a full refund.