Garden mulch can be a gardener’s best friend. Made from either organic or inorganic material, mulch insulates roots, retains moisture, reduces disease risk and helps prevent weed growth. Mulch also makes gardens look neat and finished.

Used properly, mulch will cut back on water needed to maintain the garden by retaining soil moisture. When soil dries out, plant growth slows and weeds flourish. Mulch will not eliminate weeds, but it can help control them. A thick layer of mulch makes it difficult for new weeds to push through to the surface, and it will also prevent germination of new weeds by blocking sunlight. The weeds that do persist can be easily pulled. Even if they break are are cut off at the soil level, weeds will eventually die.

Organic mulch materials will decompose over time, replenishing nutrients to the top layer of soil. Organic materials for mulch include shredded wood, leaves, straw and compost.

Inorganic mulches such as landscape fabric will provide all the same benefits of other mulches, but the material will eventually need to be removed because it will not break down naturally.

Whichever material you choose, a generous layer of mulch around plants will promote healthy plant growth and improve the overall appearance of your garden.

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