April 2022

What kind of driveway gravels does Jones offer?

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57 Limestone, a 3/4 inch chipped stone about the size of quarter is most common. Some folks prefer the 46D or 411 Limestone, a 3/4 inch down to dust packing stone, or 304 Limestone, a 1.5 inch down to dust packing stone which is a little more coarse and more commonly used on farm lanes

What type of soil should I use?

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We sell three different types of topsoil. Regular (UN-pulverized), is a good rich topsoil found along the Scioto River. It is normally used for filling jobs. Pulverized is the same rich topsoil, but processed through a large grinder, so the soil is loose and easy to work with. Pulverized is normally used to top dress


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