Winter in Ohio can be rough for gardeners. The itch to work on the garden is made difficult by all the freezing air and snow. However, winter gardening isn’t impossible if you have the determination. One perfect plant for winter gardening is the amaryllis.

Amaryllis is perfect for the dull winter gardening months. One reason for this is that amaryllis doesn’t stop growing once it’s planted so you stay busy with it the whole time. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight; just keep it in a place that receives some throughout the day. Another reason is that amaryllis only has to stay above 60F (but warmer is better).

Make sure you use a large container. Amaryllis grows large blooms that can be top-heavy if you don’t plant it in a container with a large base. In addition, some sturdy sticks will help to keep the plant from growing sideways and keep it nice and straight.

First plant your bulb in potting soil and pack the soil so that one-third of the bulb remains above the soil line. Place it in a location that gets sunlight and water it sparingly until you see about 2” of growth. Then, you’ll want to water it more regularly. Remember to turn the plant every so often so that it grows straight. It only takes 5-8 weeks for amaryllis to bloom so you can have some beautiful flowers during the cold winter months in Ohio!


To cut amaryllis and make a pretty display like the picture above, cut the flower stems when the first bud is just ready to open and place it in a sturdy vase. Change the water regularly and remove flowers as they fade. Your cut amaryllis should last for up to 10 days if maintained well.

If you need topsoil or mulch for any of your winter gardening projects, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to serve you in any way possible at Jones Topsoil!