With Ohio’s lingering winter it seems like spring will never arrive. During these months it is important to mulch your garden to protect it from the harsh conditions of freezes, thaws and winds. It can mean the difference between plants living and dying. Listed below are some tips to help you protect the beautiful garden you have spent countless hours creating.

BlackMulch_MEDTo begin, winter mulching will keep the ground frozen by covering it from the warmth of the sun.  When there is a fluctuation of warm and cold weather, it can create movement in the roots of plants that can heave them out of the soil, exposing their crowns or upper root systems to detrimental freezes.  A steady temperature will keep the plants in dormancy and prevent the plant from starting new growth. Winter mulches also protect the ground from soil erosion and save any water remaining in the soil.

It is recommended to winter mulch when the ground has begun to harden, which typically is when temperatures drop below 25 degrees F. Another sign is when the last of your annuals start to collapse and brown in the morning. By this time the ground has had time to cool and soak up fall moisture. Spread a 2 to 4 inch layer of mulch around the base of the plants.

Red-Mulch_MEDLastly, there are several different mulches to choose from. Shredded leaves are lightweight, improve the soil and are a great winter cover. Pine boughs and evergreen branches are also lightweight, easy to move and help protect plants from compacting under the weight of snow. Bark is available chipped or shredded and can be used around perennial beds, trees and shrubs. Wood chips and shavings are long-lasting, appealing to the eye and stay put.

Jones Topsoil, located in Columbus, Ohio, sells and delivers high quality mulch in three different colors: black, brown and red. Perfect for flower beds, bases of trees, bushes or other landscape around your property. We are normally able to deliver on the same day as the order is placed, and normally within a few hours. Contact us on our website to get your winter mulch today!