Gardening is a great practice of growing and cultivating plants as a part of Horticulture. The cold winter has dragged on and left us gardeners in a tizzy. But early spring is the most exciting time to be a gardener. A gardener is a person who does gardening professionally or as a hobby. Gardening can be of single typed or multi typed. If a gardener likes a particular type of plant or fruit he may just grow those types of plant or tree.

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There are a few tips for Spring Gardening:

Survey and Prepare

Before starting Gardening we have to first survey our own yard. We may need to remove the remaining of plants seeded last year. Cut down last year’s perennial foliage. Check for areas that are frozen due to freezing temperature and also thawing. After that we need to set up the tools needed for gardening.

  • Get the lawnmower tuned up and the blades sharpened.
  • Clean the sharpen tools.
  • Apply oil to all wooden tools and handles.
  • Replace the necessary tools that are broken or damaged.
  • Test the soil for the type of weed we can plant for good growth.

Get ready to mow

We can do this using our own tools or send the mower and leaf blower for servicing and then set them for use. After this we need to mow the places. Clean the lawn and check for places needed to be re-seeded before mowing that place.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

First we need to sort out by removing the dead branches from woody plants and then remove the branches that block sunlight. The main aim in this step is to allow plants take their natural growth. After several years of this, a little running is needed. On this process the shrubs and trees will be on their way to become beautiful specimens. If a shrub or tree or plant is neglected it will take several years to return to normal healthy state.

Apply Organic insect Control

When the temperature starts rising above the freezing temperatures it is good time to start spraying oil’s. This oil’s are used to keep the insects from infesting the plants and trees. When applied in a controlled and regulated manner the oil’s reduce the insects in the Garden as well.  Decorate your garden as well.

Once this is all done we can start enjoying our Garden with some Decorations as well.

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