We work all year maintaining and caring for our gardens, so it’s important not to let all of that hard work go waste in the winter. While very few plants grow in Ohio in January, for the ones that do, it is important to take proper care so that once spring hits, you can easily jump back into it.

goodale park winter

At some point this winter, we will get our famous Columbus, Ohio snow that comes out of nowhere and hangs around unwelcome for weeks. That is the perfect time to care for your ornamental plants and trees. After the snowfall, dust the snow off of ornamental shrubs and bushes, and tree branches that can be safely reached. It is common for a branch or two to break during a storm, so it is important to get it pruned off immediately following a storm to prevent peeling or cracking further.


Heavy ice is also something we often face in Columbus, and our shrubs and trees take the brunt of it. As tempting as it is, don’t pull icicles or break ice off of leaves or branches. The plant is highly susceptible to breakage when covered in ice, so it is best to let it melt off naturally.


As fun as it is to sled down the big hill in the back lawn and run around in the fresh snowfall, it could actually be damaging the ground underneath. Traction tears the healthy grass out from the soil causing patches of bare areas. It is important to be cautious of the foot traffic on the ground when ice and snow are covering it. As an alternate, use sand, birdseed or sawdust to help gain traction overtop the ice on the path leading to the house.


For more information about protecting your garden in winter, more winter gardening tips, or to plan your spring planting and gardening, contact the professionals at Jones Topsoil or give us a call! We are here for all of your soil and gardening needs.