Fall is just around the corner and with it comes leaves changing color, nice cool weather, and fall gardening. The imminent frost of October means that there are not many things to plant in September, but it is still a busy month for fall gardening. This article will run through some fall tips to keep your home garden active even in the fall.

Fall is not the most popular season for planting, but there are still some things you can grow to give your home garden some variety.

  • Oats are a good, inexpensive choice. They are quick to establish and leave a good killed residue for spring when they die.
  • Cabbage, lettuce, and radishes are also vegetables that grow well when planted in September.

Harvesting your summer vegetables is the biggest task during the fall. Green tomatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and squash all need to be harvested in the fall. Make sure you know the optimal time to harvest for each individual vegetable in your garden as each has different times that are best. You will also want to transplant herbs to pots for indoor use in the winter or harvest them for drying or freezing.

Fall is also the time to bring houseplants back inside. Be sure not to wait until it gets very cold to bring them inside, as a sudden change in temperature from outside to inside is not ideal. Also, fall is a good time to add manure, compost, or leaf mold to improve garden soils.

Fall is a busy time for home gardeners, but it is exciting too. Enjoy the vegetables that you worked on growing during the hot summer. Embrace the cool fall weather and finish your gardening before the cold of winter sets in. And don’t forget that we have you covered if you need any topsoil, mulch, sand, gravel, or limestone to complete your home or lawn before the winter months.