Sometimes you can end up with more tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini growing in your garden than you can eat, can or freeze. Then what do you do? Below are some ideas of how to use your extra vegetables in a beneficial way.

 Trade or Donate Extra Vegetables Online

There are many online resources for trading or donating your excess vegetables. A great website for donating extra vegetables is Ample Harvest is committed to providing fresh foods to those in need. Check out their website to find out how you can help. Another great site is Veggie Trader is a free resource that allows you to connect with other gardeners to trade or sell your vegetables. You can also sell your excess veggies on

Try a New Recipe

Having a large amount of a certain vegetable is a great way to venture out and try a new recipe that features those veggies. Cooking Light has some easy and delicious recipes. Midwest Living, also has some great recipes as well. Squash Ribbons with Parmesan and Crisp Prosciutto, is just one example of the decadent recipes to try. You may find your new favorite dish and have your extra veggies to thank.

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Share with Neighbors and Friends

Giving your excess vegetables to neighbors is a great way to make new friends and create a positive relationship with those living around you. Typically, your family or friends are happy to have some fresh grown veggies.

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