We have all read articles in Southern Living magazine, or Better Homes and Garden with beautiful gardens and a stone paths winding throughout an acre of green grass on a historical property. While that would be ideal for some, not everyone has the space, time or money to invest in a big garden. So, no matter the size, a garden can be beautiful, it just may take a little thinking outside the box. Just because the square footage of a garden seems small, doesn’t mean you have to have a “small” garden. Here are some tips for making a big garden out of a small space.

Big Ideas for Small Gardens

Think “Up”

Instead of planting long raised rectangular beds or chunky sections of small squares, use trellises to raise your garden toward the sun! It adds more dimension and utilizes often wasted, and unsought space.

Diagonal Rows

It is common to plant a garden from right to left in perfect vertical or horizontal rows. However, planting on a diagonal adds a different depth perception making the garden appear wider than it actually is.

Plant Snacks

Planting fruits and vegetables adds a nice pop of color and vines that can spread across the back, or up a trellis of the garden. It makes the garden look good, but is good for you too!

Add Water

Placing a small fountain as a focal point or a trickling waterfall in the back corner adds a sense of serenity to your garden. Fountains allow for an upscale feel and adding water achieves an organic aspect of gardening.

Relax and Enjoy

Don’t forget to add seating for you and your guests to admire your small, yet beautiful flowery oasis. Whether it’s a pergola with additional storage, or a vintage wrought iron table and chairs, it’s important to allow yourself a place to unwind and reap the benefits of your green thumb.

Whether your garden is big or small, Jones Topsoil is here for all of your spring and summer gardening needs. Let us help you create the garden of your dreams!